Workshop Terms & Conditions


Below, you will find our Workshop Terms and Conditions. These are always applicable when booking a workshop and contain important information for you as a participant. Therefore, before registering for a workshop, class, or course, it’s essential to read these carefully. By registering for a workshop, you agree to these terms and conditions. We also recommend that you save (or print if preferred) these conditions so that you can reread them at a later time.



  1. Scrapdelight B.V. is located in Linschoten and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 72856866, trading under the name Scrapdelight.

  2. Website: the website of Scrapdelight, accessible via and all associated subdomains.

  3. Participant: the natural or legal person, whether or not acting in the exercise of a profession or business, who registers or/and takes part in any workshop at Scrapdelight and/or has registered on the Website.

  4. Agreement: any arrangement or agreement between Scrapdelight and participant, of which agreement the General Conditions are an integral part.

  5. Workshop Terms and Conditions: the present Workshop Terms and Conditions



  1. The contents of the Website have been compiled with the greatest care. Scrapdelight can not guarantee that all information on the Website is at all times correct and complete. All prices and other information on the Website and other materials originating from Scrapdelight are subject to manifest programming and typing errors.

  2. All workshops are held subject to sufficient registrations.

  3. After registration, the participant will receive an (electronic) confirmation by e-mail that makes your registration final. Registration takes place in the order of receipt of the applications.

  4. Only a certain number of places are available per workshop. As soon as a workshop is sold out, the registration is automatically closed, and it is no longer possible to book a place via the website.

  5. If a workshop is full, it is possible to e-mail Scrapdelight to register for the reserve list. Put in the subject of the e-mail ‘reserve list [workshop or course]’. Please state the participant’s full name and telephone number. If a place has become vacant, Scrapdelight will contact the participant as soon as possible.

  6. By registering for a workshop, you declare that you agree with the Workshops Terms and Conditions. 


Cancellation by the participant

  1. Cancellation must be made via e-mail.

  2. Cancellation made up to 1 month (30 days) before the start will be subjected to the possibility of changing the workshop or refunding the total amount if no other workshop can be found. If there are costs made already, those costs will be deducted.

  3. In case of cancellation of fewer than 30 days but more than 14 days, Scrapdelight will deduct an administration fee, which is 25% of the amount for the booked workshop, to cover the already made costs. Scrapdelight will also offer the possibility of changing from workshops. If no other workshop can be found, Scrapdelight will send participants the workshop package after the date of the workshop. The workshop package can be picked up or shipped, and the shipping cost is the participants’ responsibility.  If the workshop is booked with lunch, the charges for the lunch will be refunded.

  4. In case of cancellation of fewer than 14 days, no money will be refunded, and participants will receive the workshop package after the date of the workshop. The workshop package can be picked up or shipped, and the shipping cost is the participants’ responsibility.

  5. If participants do not appear during the workshop, no money will be refunded.

  6. If participants cannot come, you are welcome to ask for the shipment of the registered workshop package. Shipping cost is excluded. 

  7. Participation confirmation is transferable. Please notify Scrapdelight via e-mail.


Cancellation by Scrapdelight

  1. Scrapdelight is entitled to cancel the offered workshop if there are insufficient participants. If a workshop or course does not occur or is postponed, participants will receive a notification at the latest seven days before the start.

  2. Scrapdelight is entitled to change the date of a workshop no later than two weeks before the start of the workshop or course. The course participant will be informed by e-mail and has the opportunity to move/cancel the workshop free of charge.

  3. Scrapdelight is entitled in case of illness of the teacher to replace it with another teacher or to cancel the offered workshop. In the event of cancellation, the registration will be moved without charge to another date or canceled, and any course fees paid will be refunded.

  4. The workshop only takes place if there are at least 6 participants. The workshop can not go through with fewer participants.



  1. Scrapdelight accepts no liability for personal injury or damage to property of participants, nor any liability as a result of events during the workshop.

  2. During the workshop, there’s a chance the participant will work with materials that can stain clothing or items. Scrapdelight is not liable for contaminated or damaged properties and will not compensate for any damage. So please consider putting on old clothing or taking appropriate measures like wearing an apron when working with paint or ink.

  3. If during the workshop, occurs some damage/s to Scrapdelight properties is caused by the participant, Scrapdelight is allowed to charge the participant for the cleaning or replacement cost/s. 



  1. All workshop materials and additional documentation may not be copied, reproduced, and/or published. Making image recordings of (part of) a workshop or course material is not permitted. The participant is not entitled to give course material, workshop, training, or training material, to which rights, as referred to above, belong to Scrapdelight, to third parties, or to give them in use.



  1. Participants must make payments to Scrapdelight according to the payment methods indicated in the ordering process and possibly on the Website. Scrapdelight is free to choose the payment methods, and these may also change from time to time.

  2. Payments to Scrapdelight will only be made in Euros.


 Complaints procedure

  1. If Participant has a complaint about a workshop and other aspects of the services of Scrapdelight, he can complain by phone, e-mail, or post. See the contact details at the bottom of the General Terms and Conditions.

  2. Scrapdelight will give the Participant response to the complaint as soon as possible, but at least within three days after receiving the complaint. Suppose it is not yet possible to give a substantive or definitive response; in that case, Scrapdelight will confirm and indicate the period it expects to provide a substantive or final answer to the Customer's complaint within three days after receipt.


 Personal data

  1.  Scrapdelight processes Customer's personal data in accordance with the privacy statement published on the Website.


Final provisions

  1. The Agreement is governed by Dutch law.

  2. To the extent that rules of a mandatory law are not otherwise required, all disputes arising from the Agreement will be submitted to the competent Dutch court in the district where Scrapdelight is located.

  3. If any provision in these General Terms and Conditions proves to be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the General Terms and Conditions. The parties shall, in that case, lay down (a) new provision(s) by way of replacement, which will give shape to the intention of the original condition to the greatest extent possible under the law.

  4. In these General Terms and Conditions, "in writing" also includes communication by e-mail, provided that the identity of the sender and the integrity of the e-mail are sufficiently established.


Contact details
If you have any questions, complaints, or comments after reading these Terms and Conditions, please contact us by letter or e-mail.

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Terms and conditions are drawn up by Scrapdelight, latest version June 09, 2022